December 1, 2016

Get Smart Content, a leading cross-channel personalization platform has announced it has added $1.75 million in financing to bring the total investment to $6.92 million. Investors including Virgo Capital and Origin Ventures re-invested, citing the company’s success in capturing enterprise clients seeking to enhance their marketing initiatives with a personalization solution. The funding will be used to expand Get Smart Content’s sales operations and drive marketing initiatives to support the growing industry need for personalization solutions that drive website conversions and engagement.

“B2B decision-makers want to quickly understand how a vendor’s products and services can help them hit their growing corporate goals, but many websites fail to engage prospects due to their generic content,” said Brent Hill, Partner, Origin Ventures. “Get Smart Content’s personalization technology increases the effectiveness of programmatic media spend and marketing automation by delivering the right message to the right prospect, at the right time.”

Get Smart Content’s analytics and personalization products help marketing organizations research the behavior of their audience and better connect with that audience by providing the most relevant, personalized content at scale. Customers such as HPE, GE, and IBM rely on Get Smart Content to develop comprehensive personalization strategies that significantly improve website engagement and conversion.

“The marketing technology landscape is finally mature enough to leverage personalization at scale to help companies hit their ever growing revenue goals,” said Guhan Swaminathan, Managing Director of Virgo Capital. “Virgo Capital is excited to extend its investment in Get Smart Content and help accelerate the sales and marketing initiatives the company is planning heading into 2017.”

“Marketing personalization is quickly becoming a must-have for companies looking to accelerate their growth in 2017. As marketers look to scale their account-based marketing programs, website personalization offers a unique approach to tailor the digital experience for key accounts and their associated contacts,” said Jim Eustace, CEO and Co-founder of Get Smart Content. “The additional funds from the Series A will allow Get Smart Content to accelerate plans to engage marketers with personalization solutions focused on revenue contribution.”