Dallas, Texas
September 22, 2020

RMG Networks, the global leader in the digital signage technology industry announced today the launch of its new name, Korbyt. This change comes on the heels of wide acclaim and record annual cloud revenue growth for its award-winning cloud based solutions. Along with the name change, the company has launched a new version of its AI-based cloud platform, a redesigned website and new URL (www.korbyt.com).

The breadth of these changes reflects the evolution of the organization and its products as an industry leader in cloud digital signage. With impressive year-on-year growth, and customers within Fortune 100 companies who have already experienced increased productivity by using Korbyt to connect in the workplace, the company is catapulting into its next stage of growth. The new brand underscores its commitment to help thousands of enterprises all over the world improve their communication and engagement with their employees, customers and partners by accelerating their journey to the cloud with a proven, enterprise ready platform.

“Customers already know us for Korbyt. With our tremendous record annual growth, it makes sense for us to adopt the name of our award-winning product to further build upon our strong market position,” said Ankur Ahlowalia, chief executive officer, Korbyt. “Korbyt clearly conveys our unwavering dedication and success in helping companies optimize their digital communications.”

Operating in today’s health-first environment requires companies to deliver quick and consistent employee communications in both remote and in-person office environments. To meet this need, the newly released AI-based Korbyt Advisor, helps companies operate safely and efficiently by prioritizing content and communications. Embedded in the latest platform version, Korbyt Advisor utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze data usage and recommends content that helps encourage positive employee behavior to boost productivity and reduce voluntary turnover. A bevy of additional new features released in the latest update further help enterprises deliver optimized and targeted messaging to foster engagement across employees and customers.

“As businesses around the globe continue to reopen amid the pandemic, our newly introduced Korbyt 2.4 provides the interactive experiences businesses require to operate safely. Our added product capabilities enable companies to visualize, connect, and measure engagement with employees and customers in real time,” said George Clopp, chief technology officer, Korbyt. “The Korbyt platform continues to leap competitor capabilities with its ability to analyze engagement with predictive analytics and optimize the employee and customer experience.”

The Korbyt enterprise-proven cloud platform is ideal for customers across all industries from retailers, healthcare and restaurants to education and transit centers where occupancy capacity is closely monitored. To learn more, go to www.korbyt.com.

About Korbyt

Korbyt goes beyond traditional communications to help businesses increase productivity, efficiency and engagement through digital messaging. By combining best-in-class software, hardware, business applications and services, Korbyt offers a single point of accountability for integrated data visualization and real-time performance management. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.korbyt.com.