August 2, 2011

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announced a major upgrade to its Activity Intelligence™ suite of products and services. TechTarget’s new Activity Intelligence dashboard gives marketers and sales representatives an industry-changing view of their prospects with Enhanced Contact Profiles™ and Account Intelligence™ activity details including insights on the research activities of technology buying teams across entire companies.

While typical lead reports available in the market today are presented merely as basic lists of static data in a spreadsheet, the Activity Intelligence dashboard provides a comprehensive view of each lead, as well as the account associated with that lead. Additionally, the upgrade will allow sales departments to securely access detailed intelligence for every prospect, allowing them to quickly understand that prospect’s user activity, enabling more informed and productive follow-up conversations. The new Enhanced Contact Profiles, which are powered by TechTarget’s partner iProfile, provide needed improvements to contact information, increasing the potential for sales representatives to connect with prospects in meaningful discussions.

TechTarget is also revolutionizing the world of demand generation by giving sales departments direct access to a detailed Account Intelligence view. Traditionally, demand generation has focused on individual contacts, but business technology decisions are almost always made by teams, according to TechTarget’s Media Consumption Report, 2011. This new Account Intelligence view of demand generation data provides sales representatives with an easy way to understand the research activity across an entire account – revealing all of the potential contacts at a single organization that have been researching related topics. The Account Intelligence view of leads aligns opportunity information with the way that sales teams already think and work.

“TechTarget Activity Intelligence dashboards are a revolutionary approach to lead reporting that incorporate sales account research activity into all of our online media programs,” said TechTarget CEO Greg Strakosch. “The Enhanced Contact Profiles and Account Intelligence insights shared in this new dashboard include an unprecedented amount of marketing and revenue potential for technology vendors. The future of demand generation will be powered by this intelligence and other enhancements that we are developing,” continued Strakosch.

First released in 2010, Activity Intelligence enables TechTarget to track and report on activity metrics that showcase a user’s journey throughout their online research process on TechTarget sites. This exclusive capability also enables technology vendors to better target their audience, influence perception of their brand, act on sales opportunities more quickly, and greatly improve the return-on-investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns.

To see an Activity Intelligence dashboard and experience the new information never before available, visit the Activity Intelligence resource page at,

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