May 13, 2011

Healthaxis recently launched its latest Web-based self-service portals for member, administrator and provider access to comprehensive health plan information. Healthaxis’ Self-Service solutions extend the capabilities of core benefits technologies to include critical information exchange and transaction processing with members, employers, plan administrators, and providers over the Web, in addition to internal users. Customer satisfaction has been high with the solution, as Healthaxis continues to pave the way for innovation in healthcare.

As the healthcare industry evolves, Healthaxis believes that payers will need even greater ability to deliver an integrated system of core benefits administration, member management, provider, and administrator support to its consumers. These systems must be available on a real-time basis over the Web through easy to use, integrated user interfaces that ensure a streamlined, functional performance.

Healthaxis’ solutions are fully interoperable with Insur-Admin and Insur-Claim, Healthaxis’ core administration solutions, ensuring seamless and accurate real-time access to transaction information. The systems are also fully capable of easily integrating with other benefit platforms to enhance the capabilities of legacy systems.

Healthaxis Self-Service portals are a step forward in the delivery of information to all of the constituents of health plans. The portals were designed with a view to automatically deliver the most requested and necessary information to the user upon accessing the system. The user-experience is significantly enhanced by eliminating the number of steps necessary to access the information that the user desires.

Healthaxis CEO John Carradine said, “Healthaxis was one of the first Healthcare Information Technology companies to offer fully integrated Web-based solutions for self-service. Our first portals were delivered almost fifteen years ago, and we have been continually improving their capabilities since that time. The new portals offer more efficient information delivery by reducing system navigation steps so users can find key data quickly. In addition, we continue to move transaction processing capabilities from the core systems to Web interfaces to reduce cost and improve the productivity of all constituents.”

Some of the other benefits of Self-Service Applications are:

  • 24 x 7 access to critical information
  • Seamless real-time delivery of data from Healthaxis core benefits systems or other administrative systems
  • Simplification of process-complex health plan transactions over the Internet
  • Ability to deliver other critical information such as summary plan documents, important group messages, and access to non-health plan documents
  • Single sign-on capability for third parties including external networks, PBMs, reporting and wellness portals
  • Improved customer satisfaction and staff productivity by decreasing customer service calls and allowing users to perform online self-service