Virgo Capital seeks to invest in established software and technology-enabled services companies where our financial, operational, and strategic support will allow them to capture their full potential.

Virgo Capital has developed a proven set of proprietary best practices and operational processes in areas such as product development, sales and marketing, account management, finance, partnerships, and acquisitions, which it deploys across its portfolio to help its companies run more efficiently and grow profitably. These practices, called VOICE, which stands for Virgo Operating Initiatives and Consolidation Efforts, have led to significant value creation among Virgo Capital’s portfolio companies and will be used to drive value in future investments.

Virgo Capital invests in software and technology-enabled services businesses that operate in diverse markets and often sell to customers with specific vertical or functional requirements.

If your business and situation fits the general investment criteria below, we encourage you to contact us to confidentially discuss how we might work together.

Company Characteristics

Though all companies have their own unique qualities, our investments share a common set of characteristics that contribute to their success:

  • Mission-critical software applications and technology-enabled services
  • Established companies with at least $10 million of revenue
  • Defensible, predictable revenue streams
  • Strong customer retention
  • Cash flow break-even or positive
  • Seasoned management teams

Transaction Structure And Size

Virgo Capital is flexible and creative when it comes to achieving a mutually beneficial transaction structure. Our investments can take many different forms, including:

  • Buyouts
  • Management buyouts
  • Majority recapitalizations
  • Carve-outs or divestitures
  • Take-private transactions

Virgo Capital also supports growth investments in select companies.