February 6, 2012

Healthaxis announced today that it is implementing major changes to its ASP hardware infrastructure that will improve systems performance and provide substantial room for growth in its operations.  The company said that it will be installing a new IBM storage area network solution and upgrading its server environment.  These changes will allow Healthaxis to further enhance its ASP Healthcare Benefits Platform, significantly improving performance in claims processing and payer administration for customers.

The new systems offer an extremely high throughput for large volumes of data, and simplify administration.  The new SAN storage uses a mixture of traditional and solid state drives (SSD), allocates resources better, and improves data management.  Sophisticated data-tiering reduces system latency and improves processing performance, generating higher productivity for customers.

John Carradine, CEO of Healthaxis, said that “the upgraded environment will result in greater efficiency and flexibility for our current customers and will give them plenty of room to grow their businesses without restriction.  Healthcare Information Technology is increasingly about data management and access.  We want our customers to be able to process large volumes of information in a super-efficient environment so that they can be better serve themselves and their customers.  The new systems also allow us to continue adding software enhancements and new payer solutions attractive to both existing and potential customers.”